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Need video production?

We are ready to help with video production for you. We have much experience in producing professional videos for Internet use.

The video media is one of the strongest medias, you can make use of. We know this because video on the Internet is the media that generates the most clicks. At the same time videos "speak"to several of our senses, which results in them catching us.

Videos also has the huge advantage that they keep users interested for a long time. This means that your message is more likely to get through so you will be remembered. 


Present your product with a video

At redWEB we make more and more videos as part of a complete web solutions. The videos need not be designed as classical advertising. You can also use video for example as a simple product demonstration, which helps visitors to understand what it is you can do for them and why your product is the best. Or how about a video that tells the viewer about your business, like we has done with Safe Light?

A video can really create awareness, confidence and insight. We love to transform you into a good story and transmit it through the video.

Professional from start to finish

While our primary mission is to provide Joomla websites and online shops in elegant designs of high quality, we are also interested in making sure the video is well thought out and well-executed. That is why, we start by developing a storyboard with you and ensure that the story and way the story is told are professional.

It does not matter whether your video consists of live video or screencasts, we alway pay attention to detail in the editing room. What we provide is also something we are proud of.

We make the advanced stuff simple and easy accesible

Besides product- and company presentations, we also have good experience in making how-to videos, screencasts and podcasts.

We have the competencies, equipment and the ideas.

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