Social Media - Should your company be present on social media?


Is your business on Facebook and Youtube? Up to 50% of all Internet traffic is now taken up by Facebook, and Youtube has long been the world's 2nd most used search engine. In toher words, there is no way around social media. If your company is on social media, then you are present where your customers spend much of their time. That is probably also why around 80 % of US companies are actively using social media.

With a business profile on Facebook and honest dialogue with customers, you show personality - and that is something that creates lasting relationships.


Social media can be more than you think

There are many good reasons to why you shuold use social media more. Here are some of the things you can use them for:


  • Marketing and branding
  • Recruitment of new employees
  • Service and Support
  • create hype and high customer confidence
  • Share essential knowledge and ideas
  • Reach higher ranking on google search results


If you use social media correctly, your customers and partners become your friends and fans when they are actively spreading the word about your business. It takes time and work, but it 's worth it. The presence also benefits in terms of increased sales, more traffic on the website and greater commitment from the customers. redWEB is ready to be your strong partner in your adventures in social media.

Use social media directly in Joomla

In Joomla we integrate effective social media. Eg. you can allow the users to "like" your products or a good article on your blog. Also the ability to comment on things can be used through Facebook. The important thing is, that if you are present on social media, it's something that you work with and have in mind.

We think that social media is very exciting and we are also present on social media. We can help you make your business 'social'.

What should your corporate identity be?

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