Holistic SEO Packages - If you want it all

redWEB offers holistic keyword packages for businesses seeking help with their online marketing. The beauty of a holistic approach is that we focus on the whole package.

Depending on your needs, we focus on the following areas:

  • Keyword Analysis - Analysis of potential keywords that your customers use on search engines.
  • Search engine optimization - Optimization of texts, title, description, structure, etc., so that search engines will be "happy" for your website.
  • Link Building - The building of relevant links, which helps to improve your ranking in search engine.
  • Adwords - Setting up and optimizing Adwords ads that convert to sales on your website.
  • Conversion Optimization - Split Testing and optimization of the website - so that your visitors convert into customers.
  • Social media - Guidance on the use of social media to enhance your brand and acquire relevant visitors.

It is a variable approach where we focus on the factors that you find relevant and talk about every month. We have a large and broad experience in all areas and can help you structure the efforts of the entire website.

Price Examples of holistic packages:
5 hours a month - $ 1.000, - ex VAT.
10 hours a month - $ 1.500, - ex VAT.
20 hours per month - $ 3,000, - ex VAT.
25 hours per month - $ 4.000, - ex VAT.

Do you have specific requirements in terms of time usage, then the system is 100% flexibleof course. 

If you book 12 months holistic keywords work, you get an additional 10% off.

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