Campaigns - the short but effective effort

Get extra attention by focusing marketing

With a short campaign, you can create extraordinary focus on your business or your product. The campaign could for example consist of a micro-site where you only present one of your products, but making it look really delicious or crazy - often video is used and extra high interactivity.

We have good experience with micro-sites - eg. we helped when VIA university went live, and we were also part of the project, as Odense Marzipan sent a smart new packet on the street. A completely different way to create online campaigns is to make entertaining games or competitions.

Create leads and sales with quizzes and competitions

Games are a powerful media that maintains and entertains us and maybe gets us to rethink things. Competitive elements makes us return again and again, and sometimes perhaps we learn something new.

For companies with an adult target group, a quiz or a game could be super great to work with. With a quiz you can both provide important knowledge to the users and effectively create hype around your product or service. redWEB has developed quizzes for several large companies and knows what it takes to make sure the quiz will be entertaining and provide valuable leads.

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