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We have many years experience in designing and developing effective banners, and we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to getting the user to click.

Have great call-to-actions

Today, banners a natural part of our daily online navigation, and many of the banners we avoid or overlook per instinct. But the fact is that if the banner is designed the right way, it is something that can really generate sales or leads. One of the key factors is whether the banner contains a clear and targeted call to action. This means, something tells me that I have to click it.

When we design your banner, we also advise you about the message, phrasing, colors and the right call-to-action.

Usw animation and create more clicks

Banners are very easily disregarded. One of the best ways we can bring attention to the banner is to make animated banners. However, it is important that the animation is right for you and what you want to communicate. Often there is a greater need for sophisticated small animations rather than wild bling - bling.

We have expertise both in creating, drawing and animating banners and we are obsessed with the fact that it should convert and create more value for your business

Banner Placements and affiliate agreements

When you advertise with banners on the Internet, it is crucial that you do it the right places. The more relevant your offer is for users, the greater the chance is that they click on your banner and eventually buy something from you.

For example if you have a niche shop that sells fish, you don't want to put your banner on and It would be much better if you focused on where your customers are located. In this case, it could be a forum for aquarium fish .

If in doubt about where you get the most out of placing your banners, you have the ability to also use a so-called affiliate partner. Their task is to display your banners on the most relevant websites. At redWEB we often send banners via affiliate partners and we help you find the best and most effective solutions.

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