Technical Development - It's one of our core competencies


Do you need to develop something special for Joomla or redSHOP? Joomla programming and web development is our specialty. We have the best Joomla developers in the industry and we are always ready to create a Joomla web solution for you.

Joomla Development - We are experts

We are one of the largest Joomla development companies in the world, with offices in Denmark, Vietnam, India and the US, and soon adding Belgium and the Netherlands.

We also employ expert develoeprs in many countries including; SpainBosniaCroatia, Serbia, Ukraine and Guatemala, comprising a strong and diverse set of skills and talents.

Joomla Development - If it can be drawn, we can build it

Our starting point is that there are no limits to what we can develop for Joomla. We focus on your unique needs. "If it can be drawn, we can build it" is our motto. We have, eg. developed a canteen solution for Maersk Training, which makes it possible for employees to log in to their website and order food to take home in the evening. 

We've also created a project for Riderute Funen, where we have developed a system in which riders can plot their riding routes on a map, located on the site. Then it is possible for them to print their routes in a PDF. 

Moreover, we have developed an advanced maintenance system in Joomla for Egmont so they can update the contents of a larger game package of 36 online learning games. 

Development expertise goes far beyond what you would normally imagine when you think web solutions and CMS. We always take on the challenge and are ready to help you with your unique project.

We develop everything for Joomla

We really can do everything for your Joomla website. Development of extensions for Joomla has long been an important part of our business - an example of this is redSHOP, a Joomla e-commerce solution we have developed which has become a great success. In addition to redSHOP we have developed a wide range of smaller extensions that can contribute to making a Joomla website more user-friendly. 

In addition to classic web solutions, we also develop apps for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android and SMS integrations. The special feature of our Joomla development solution is that we're doing it from scratch to fit your needs. 

You can always tell us what you need and we can build it for you. Contact us to learn more.

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