At redWEB we differ from our competitors who just use Joomla as a tool to create simple web pages and web shops. We actively contribute to the development of Joomla and the components that we use. Our most well-known component is redSHOP, which is a shop system used worldwide.

If you choose us to design your new online shop, then you've chosen the supplier that knows the most about redSHOP. We have programmed every line of code and know the component inside out. Therefore, we know how best to set up your shop and optimize it.

redSHOP gives you a system with no limitations. You can create as many products, manufacturers or categories as you like. There are a huge number of built-in features, so the system should cover your needs. If it lacks a feature you need, we are ready to program it for you and integrate it in redSHOP.

What opportunities do you get with redSHOP

As the featurelist and options are endless we will just focus on the primary features :

Dynamic and flexible - With redSHOP you get an incredibly dynamic and flexible system where almost anything is possible. The system can be adapted to all kinds of online shops, from small hobby shops to giant online stores with thousands of products. The system is built in an intuitive way that makes creation of any webshop you want possible.

Easy to use - It's quick and easy to use redSHOP . You can easily add products, handle orders, create categories, etc. Once you get to know the system and have learned the different features you can work efficiently and quickly with this shop.

Supports many popular payment gateways - You get the opportunity to integrate your shop with the payment gateway you want. We support Quickpay, PayPal and Sagepay just to name a few.

Huge selection of optional plug-ins - With redSHOP you get an great possibilities to install additional plugins. You can, for example, integrate United States Postal Service, Fed-Ex, UPS or make your accounts directly through an e-conomic integration.

SEO optimization - Get on the first page of Google with redSHOP. You get the opportunity to manage your SEO optimization 100 percent. You decide whether you want to optimize each product and category, or if you want to put redSHOP to automatically do the work for you.

Interested in a redSHOP solution?

Are you interested in a shop that runs with redSHOP, then you are very welcome to contact us . We are always ready to answer your questions and give you a quote.

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