redFORM is the ultimate form component for Joomla.

Whether you are technically minded or not, redFORM is incredibly easy to use. It is possible to create complex forms in no time. You can create everything from contact forms to registration forms.

Making forms should be easy and flexible, which is the primary function with this component. Although it is simple and easy to use, there are a variety of advanced features that give you the opportunity to create any form you want.

There are no restrictions as to how many forms you can create, in addition, each form can be created with a different appearance , structure and functionality. You can customize everything e.g. text fields , buttons and checkboxes for newsletter signup. In addition, you can integrate payment gateways so you can receive payments through redFORM.

Integration with other components redWEB

It is possible to integrate redFORM with many of the other components from redWEB . You can for example integrate redFORM with redEVENT, redBOOKING and redCOMPETITION. Moreover, it can be integrated with Google Captcha to avoid automated spam entries.


As mentioned before you have the ability to style each form with different CSS code. You can add individual CSS classes for each form , so the design can vary and adapt to different pages. So redFORM can be customized so that it fits the appearance of your page.

Statistics and integration

It is possible to integrate detailed statistics e.g. how many times a form has been completed and how many times a user has signed up for a newsletter.

Want to know more ?

This is just a selection of features in redFORM . Are you interested in a web solution with redFORM integrated , please feel free to contact us . We are always ready to give a quote on your web assignment.

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