If you have an event that you want displayed on your page, like an activity or something like that, then redEVENT may be the solution for you.

redEVENT is a component that can be used to showcase activities, courses, tours, koncerts etc.. Registration forms can also be integrated, so that your visitors can sign up for the displayed activity.

The possibilities are endless with redEVENT, because it is extremely flexible and can be tailored exactly to your needs.

redEVENT functions

There are numerous functions in redEVENT and it is impossible to review them all in one article. So this article is primarily an appetizer and an overview of the basics.

You can create an unlimited number of events and you have the option of integrating waiting lists. There is a built-in RSS feed, so you have the option to view your event on other websites. Furthermore, there is an advanced mail system, so the participants can get individual information about various events .

It is possible to integrate all the known payment gateways via redFORM . This gives the user the ability to pay directly for enrollment. You can also set it up so that enrollment is done directly by mail or phone.

Viewing events

There are a variety of options to customize the display of the various events. For example :

  • Implement a calendar.
  • Show future events .
  • Create different categories and display events by category.
  • Integrates Google Maps integration.
  • Dynamic search and direct view of events, based on the categories, place, activity, time, etc. .
  • Complete control over the graphical display of the eventstage.

Registration form

Registration forms can also be tailored to your needs. You can for example automatically create PDF files when a user signs up. You can also create individual confirmation pages, depending on which user signs up.

This is just a short list of the essential viewing modes. There is large number of options with redEVENT and it can be customized as you wish.

We integrate redEVENT in both new web sites and existing solutions.

Are you looking for a redEVENT solution?

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