redCONTENT gives you the ability to control the configuration of your content in an easy and smart way. It is a component that makes it quick and easy to create new content on the page.

Creation of articles is based on templates, which provides the following benefits :

  • This makes setting up content faster. You spend less time to set up and customize the individual articles .
  • You can make different templates for your content. You can, for example have one template for your news and another for template for an information page.
  • Once the style is defined by a template it helps to ensure that your style is the same all over the page .
  • You also get the opportunity to structure your articles to directories making Joomla easier and more functional to work with.

You can also set up different levels of user access so that a user can add news to the site , but not change other data. In addition, there are also built-in versioning, so you can see what changes is made prior in an article and who made them.

With redCONTENT you get a component that makes use of your website easier, also you ensure that your content looks better.

Interested in redCONTENT

If you choose a web solution from us, then you have the opportunity to get redCONTENT. If you have an existing web solution, and it lacks a proper content structure or one of the other functions that redCONTENT has, we can also implement the component on your existing Joomla page . Contact us today and learn more about the possibilities.

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