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Considering a mobile friendly online shop?

Mobile friendly online shops is the future. The use of smartphones and tablets is increasing rapidly around the world - which gives customers greater potential for e-commerce through these devices. It is not uncommon if more than 30 percent of your traffic comes either via smartphones or tablets - depending on the target group and goods you sell. Conversion rate from mobile devices can not quite keep up with desktop, but conversion rates from tablets approache the same as PCs.

Many users also use their smartphones or tablets to explore the market, for example when they sit in the couch in the evening, or they are on their way home on the train. When they come home to in front of their computer they need to remember where they have found the product they want to buy.

It is important that you have a mobile-friendly shop that adapts to the screen of the visitor. It's about keeping the visitors on your site - no matter what device the visitor is using. Therefore, it is important to have a mobile friendly shop, so the user does not go to your competitor .

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Responsive design

We recommend that your shop is created with a responsive design, so the design of the shop adapts to the screen - no matter what resolution you are using. We can design your new shop with a responsive design or we can customize your old design, so that it works with responsive design.

With the right design, you ensure that your customers can seek information and shop via smartphones and tablets more easily. Then you do not lose visitors that have a low resolution display. No matter what device your shop is displayed on, it will always be shown in a useful way.

Should we make your shop mobile friendly?

We have years of experience developing online shops in Joomla and we have vast experience in making responsive online shops. 

Whether you have an existing shop or you are considering investing in a new shop, we can help you make your store mobile friendly. If you are interested in knowing more, please feel free to contact us

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