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Up to 65% of the US population had a smartphone in Q4 2013 and the number of tablet owners are increasing rapidly. One of the primary functions of the mobile devices is simple web browsing. Quite scary, few websites actually look good on a smartphone or a tablet and they websites be quite difficult to use. This can happily be fixed. It all is about making both design and programming ready for mobile devices.

For many there is no way around being mobile. If you make your website accessible to mobile and tablet users, you also get a more close relationship with customers. You are suddenly always present when they need you, because they now have you in their pockets, purses and on the couch. Is your website ready for the new devices?

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Joomla website with responsive design

A few years ago, a special mobile version of the website was the best solution, but today a visitor often expects the full experience and access to your entire website. At the same time there is a big difference in screen sizes. The solution is to get the website developed in responsive design. This means that the website automatically adapts to the screen size and, if the user wants full access to the entire website - it's there. This requires technical skills and good design abilitites. We know what users want, and when it comes to websites that look great on all devices, we are experts. Whether you are visiting the website from your iPhone, tablet or directly from the desktop browser, you get the best experience.

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