Game Development - Digital teaching and marketing


Game development for the web, iOS and Android incl. CMS

You've come to the right place. We are experienced game developers but we are also a classic web agency. This means that the games we produce not only work well can also be maintained efficiently with the Joomla CMS.

We use our extensive experience with the Content Management System, Joomla,  to ensure that you can easily and simply maintain your game and change the content easily.

We can create whatever game you would like, whether it is a game for the desktop browser, iPhone,  Pad, Windows 8,  or Android.

World class digital education

We have several years of experience in game development for small and large businesses. One of our main areas of game development is digital education. We have worked with several age groups but we are experts when it comes to games for children in the early grades.
These games should be fun, challenging and a creative learning process while providing targeted lessons that can show measurable results.

One of the major benefits of using games for learning is providing a very high degree of interaction.  We make learning into an effective game. 

redWEB was the main developers of "The first reading , which is the publisher, Alinea's, big bet on digital education in Denmark. The game package consists of 36 games, all of which help children improve knowledge of letters and general vocabularly expansion. The games are an extension of the books about Ida and Emil, the most popular educational series for the early grades in elementary school in Denmark.

Game development requires many different skills

When we work with game development we do it wholeheartedly.  We have a wide range of skills including game design, character development, programming, concept development, animation, sound design and project management.

Because we are Joomla CMS experts we are also good at creating complex systems that you can easily maintain. For example you may want to update the content of the game or maybe the quiz should have a new array of questions.

Are you ready to step into a market in rapid growth? We have the imaginative power, the skills, and the skilled developers to handle the task.