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Want a Windows Phone 8 app?

Then you've come to the right place . At redWEB we have employees devoted to programming and the development of apps. We mainly produce apps for Android and iPhone but we also have broad experience in Windows 8 apps.

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Development of Windows Phone 8 Apps

We have many years of experience in manufacturing apps and can contribute to your project in many ways. We can, for example :

  • Contribute with the strategy and the right setup.
  • We can make a proper user interface that is both nice to look at but also functional to use.
  • we can integrate your Windows 8 app with an existing system, such as an online shop
  • We develop the application itself with much focus on quality programming and stability.
  • We can submit your app to the Windows Store.
  • We can also help with support and the future development of your app.

About redWEB

redWEB is the largest company within Joomla development. For many years we have specialized in web design and web development in Joomla and have made web tasks for clients such as Maersk, Kolding municipality, etc..

Now that apps have become more and more popular, we see a growing demand for app development, which is why our focus has moved towards app development . Today we have two very experienced people seated, who only focus on app development. Because of their expertise and knowledge within the field of app development, we can build apps for all the known systems like Android , iPhone and of course Windows Phone 8 .

If you want an app developed for Windows Phone 8, please contact us today - and we can have informal chat. You can also enter your information , and we will call you up.

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