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Missing an event app? redEVEBT is a widely used component for Joomla that allows you to manage events on your Joomla site. redEVENT app now offers a dedicated solution for displaying these data on mobile devices, making full use of the features that this platform offers.

The app downloads information from your Joomla site, it will work in both online and offline mode. Once the app is in online mode, it will receive regular updates, so changes to your site will be reflected in the app .

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How can the redEVENT app be adapted to me?

The technology behind redEVENT app consists of a framework that allows us to build the app by a series of random views. These views can be a map, showing the location of all upcoming events, date, filtered list where you can see details about the listed events, or a static page with contact information. Colors, images and backgrounds can be customized to showcase your company logo and image. As explained the redEVENT app is built on a framework with predesigned views so you can quickly adapt the app to your needs, saving you both time and money .

Furthermore you are sure that the components are thoroughly tested because they have been used again and again in different solutions.

And new modules of the framework will be developed constantly. Since the modules are based on a common standard, it will be possible to integrate the new modules into the app as they are developed, again quickly and cheaply.

Example of integration

In August 2013 , we constructed the official app for HC Andersen Festival, to give the festival a simple and straightforward way to keep track of the hundreds of events spread over a week on more than forty different locations. The redEVENT app to Hans Christian Andersen Festival is considered a proof-of-concept showing how data could be downloaded from the website and used to navigate users around among the many events .

Existing views:

Daily Session List: Displays a list of events on a given day. The user can navigate through the interface to any day. From the list, the user can navigate to a detail view showing details of the event, including the user's position and event locations in relation to one another in Google Maps. Image Article List: Displays a list of articles from your Joomla database with photos and summary of each article. This view can be used to display news, a list of rules, or a list of stories from satisfied users . From the list you can navigate to a view of the article. Overview Map : Displaying the location of the user and all the next events with Google Maps. Each pin includes a brief summary of the next event at the current location from which you can click on to give a detail view of the event. Static: Displays a simple page with an article from your Joomla site . This page can be used to display contact information , company history, terms of service or any other traditional side . Because the view fetches the page from your Joomla site, you will be able to retrieve information on all users' devices, by updating the article on your Joomla site .

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These are just some of the possibilities with our redEVENT app. It can be tailored to give you an event app that fits your needs. Remember that you are not required to have an Joomla website running online if you just want an event app - it may well be that it is not available online, but it only acts as a management system for your app.

We are always ready to give you a quote on developing an app - you are very welcome to contact us or enter your information and we will contact you and have a talk about app development . We build all kinds of apps for all popular operating systems - read more about it here .

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