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Are you looking for a app programmer ? Then you've come to the right place . We have 2 sharp programmers sitting , which specializes in programming apps for Android , iPad , iPhone, Windows 8 , etc..

We can make apps for all major systems , but in practice that we do of course most apps iOS and Android systems , as their market share is so large . But Windows 8 is definitely starting to move on and become more and more prevalent.

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What can we do for you?

Whether you are faced with a great idea for an app , but lacks a developer or you are in the process of development, but are stuck , we can of course help you. We can turn your idea into reality, whether it is a very simple app , or it is a large and complex app .

Our experience means that we know how an app built up best when the focus is on both the programmatic structure, but also ease of use and functionality.

We develop three kinds of apps, namely Native , Hybrid and Web apps.

Native apps - Apps that are built for a specific platform , for example . iOS. With Native apps that harnesses your system is most optimal when the same app is directly programmed to optimize use of resources . With Native apps do you get the fastest and most functional apps. Web apps - In fokusereres to integrate the app functions directly in the browser , via the site's server ( via PHP or ASP ) . This typically run in conjunction with responsive design . Hybrid apps - As Native apps, ie where the app runs directly on their mobile phone or tablet and published in the App Store and Play Store . The difference is that Hybrid apps are programmed through web technologies, HTML5 , CSS and Javascript . The downside is that there are fewer opportunities through Hybrid apps and the speed is not as good as Native apps when one app is programmed to directly exploit the mobile resources.


What development tools we use ?

We use a variety of development tools for the different systems , which together with our extensive know-how - ensuring the quality of our programming work is always top notch. It depends on our users' wants and needs :

Windows phone:
  • Visual Studio
  • xCode
  • Google ADT ( Eclipse )
  • IntelliJ IDEA

In addition, we use:

  • Adobe Flash for prototyping and development of cross platform
  • WebApp / HybridApp we use PhoneGap
  • We also use Aptana for PHP , Javascript and Titanium .


What does it cost to have programmed an app ?

Cost varies from job to job , but if you want a no-obligation price on your budget, then we'd love to bid on the job. You can always call us and have a chat about app development , or enter your information and we will contact you.

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