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Is it a satisfying experience to navigate your website? Usability is all about ease of use when navigating around your website. It must be satisfying, easy and painless.

Why is it important?

Basically, usability is the road to survival on the internet. This means that if userfriendlyness is not built into your website or your online store, your chances of survival and success are very small. There are many places where it can go wrong. The best thing you can do is think usability during the design process. 

Usability is defined by five terms:

  • Difficulty: How easy is it to perform basic tasks in the design?
  • Efficiency: How fast is it for users to solve just these tasks?
  • Rote learning: How easy is it to remember when you return again?
  • Errors: How many errors do users encounter and how serious are they?
  • Satisfaction: How satisfied are users after the experience?

Usability requires users to be consulted

When we develop new websites, a big part of the design process is to make it all userfriendly and easy to navigate.

One of the tools we use frequently is testing on a set of representative users. They get a series of tasks based on the above terms, where they test our designs. The result is that we get valuable feedback and the ability to adjust by removing things that do not work and adding things that do. Read more about our work with user tests here.

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