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Professionelt webdesign

Good design should work!

"Looks" are just the tip of the iceberg

It should be intuitive and easy to use!
That is why we create wireframes and analyze your website's "usability" before we reach the top of the iceberg: your visual identity online. Read more below or get contacted for a talk about professional webdesign and what we can do for you and your company.

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We use wireframes to build the site's structure and this is also where we make the initial tests on the design.

A wireframe is a basic outline of the site, in the same way as you use the architectural drawing of a house before you build it. Here we find out which content should be present on the website (Information Design) how to get around the page (navigation design) and how the user will interact with the page (interface design).

How we work with wireframes
Wireframes og webdesign

Usability og webdesign


It should be a good experience to move around on your website. In the design process, we work hard on usability. It's about making everything as user friendly as possible, from first to the last click.

Usability is thought into the whole design. It shows in the work done to get users to click on certain links from the frontpage or how to hazzle free guide users through the checkout process on the online shop.

Working with usability is what gets the design to work and makes it make sense and add value. That explains why it looks the way it does and makes the visit a good experience.   

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Visual Identity

Next step after making the design intuitive for the users, is of course making it look good. We love working with the small details and create stunning designs.

Your website is the place where customers and partners form the impression of who you are. Therefore, your visual identity online is incredibly important. It is no good if the design signals that you are not in control of things, and maybe appear in your ugliest saturday workwear when customers meet you.

When we work with your corporate identity online, we are able to give you the whole package, from freshening your logo to business cards, letterheads and foil to your corporate car.

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Visuel identitet