Split Tests - Do you always use the best solutions?


A / B split testing is a super smart technique that can be used to find out whether option A or B converts best on your website or shop . Eg. you can find out what color the "Purchase" button on the online shop needs to have in order to generate the most clicks. The reason we use split testing is because it is one of the simplest and most effective optimization tools available . We use the tool daily.

The way it works is by using a piece of code and some specialized tools we make 50% of the visitors use one version of the page where the button is red, while the other 50% of the users see a version where the button is green. We can then measure how users interact with the two versions and find out which button gave the most clicks.

What can be tested ?

With A / B split testing you can actually set up tests on pretty much everything on your site. You may want to find out which headline of your article that gets the most people to read it, what price you can sell your product at, or which setup on the website that makes the users stay the longest. The possibilities are almost endless.

At redWEB we are experts in both implementing , applying and analyzing split tests. Let us help you optimize your web solution, and ensure that your website performs best possible.

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