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We have the skills to make your new site thought through from start to finish. We work everyday with all
the best tools for analysis and optimization on the web.
On these pages you can read more about the most basic tools and skills we use in the analysis phase.



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Solid preparation equals good results

It is the preparation which ultimately results in a complete web solution - but unfortunately this is also the part that many save on.

If you invest in this part of the process, it is very easy to see the results. Eg. a thorough job with usability can ensure that you are far ahead of your competition when it comes to easy and painless navigation on the website. User tests put our ideas into perspective and ensure that they work in the real world.

One of the first and most basic we things we work with is the company's online concept.

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Webdesign udfra grundig analyse arbejde

Optimering - Splittest

There's always room for improvement

The work we are doing well today, may change tomorrow. The Internet is dynamic and fast moving and we keep getting smarter on how users behave. The most used tools for optimizing is Google Analytics which also gets better every day - and that's why you need to learn how to use it.

When it comes to your online store, it is often quite small adjustments that needs to be made ​​in order for you to sell more. Conversion optimization should be a task revisitied every now and then. We are the experts who come with the important follow-up.

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