This year’s Joomla World Conference is held in Cancun Mexico from 7th-9th November.
Yet again the redWEB and redCOMPONENT team will be attending with no less than 11 people, which is the highest amount of “red”-employees ever.
Joomla World Conference is where the leading Joomla experts meet up and share their knowledge about Joomla, to ensure that Joomla continues being the top Content Management System. Everyone who buys a ticket can participate and learn more about Joomla and the possibilities the system gives.

The following redWEB and redCOMPONENT employees will be attending JWC 2014

•    Britta (Art Director)
•    Javier (Backender and QA lead)
•    Mathias (Art Director)
•    Ronni (Joomla guru)
•    Alexis (Supporter @ redCOMPONENT)
•    Jacobo (Backend Developer)
•    Jerri (Frontend project manager)
•    Joe (redWEB Canada)
•    Mike (redWEB Belgium)
•    Ruddy (Frontend Developer)
•    Tito (Backend Developer)

There are 3 reasons that the “red”-TEAM will be attending. Besides the publicity that we get, it’s also a great place to expand our network, but most importantly, we will bring home knowledge about the latest tendencies and techniques within the Joomla realm, which we can then use in our future webs solutions. This ensures that our solutions are always the smartest, best performing and most flexible among all webs solutions.

What’s this year's program?

True to the nature of JWC, a series of sessions and keynotes will be the main focus of the event. This year, however, a series of workshops will be part of the schedule as well. This is done to give people a more “hands-on” approach to Joomla. There’s a total of 40 sessions this year and redWEB are in charge of 5 of them.

•    Mathias + Britta - Double session / workshop about wireframing
•    Tito – redCORE An Abstracted Development Layer for Joomla!
•    Javier - Automated Testing for Joomla! Extensions (System Testing)
•    Javier+Tito - Joomla in action about com_localize and multi language
•    Tito – a spanish session about building Joomla templates

On top of hosting these sessions, redWEB employees have also been involved in the planning of JWC. Jerri, TJ and Ronni are part of the event planning team and Mathias and Britta have been in charge of web design and print materials for the event. 
You can read more about the event and the different sessions at the JWC main site here
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