redWEB launches H.C. Andersen Festivals Android App



Now you have the option of downloading the Hans Andersen Festival App for Android, which we have produced. It is now online at Google Play and is free.

Uddrag fra Google Play

H.C. Andersen Festival Android AppToday redWEB launched the new Android App for HC Andersen Festival. The handy app allows you to see what events and concerts are happening during the festival. You also get an overview of where and when the different things going on. It all happens via a Google Maps + GPS integration, so you can find your way to the different experiences.

It is a lovely visual app which follows the style of H.C. Andersen Festivals website,which we also sponsored and produced.

Hurry to download app and see all the great events and concerts, so you know why you should look forward to the festival, which runs from the 17-25. August.

You'll find the app at Google Play - or via QR kode: 


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