New exciting features in Joomla 3.2



Joomla 3.2 is released soon. We've looked a bit at some of the new features and enhancements that we thought looks interesting, and relevant for the regular Joomla user.

Joomla 3.2 is set to be released November 6th. It is the day before Joomla World Conference, where we participate with 6 man - which of course we are going to write more about.

In Joomla 3.2, there are numerous improvements and additions of various functions, which looks hugely exciting.

We made the short list of some of the changes that we think is most interesting and relevant for the average Joomla user.

Versioning of content

It will be possible to save and compare different versions of the same content. Should you get to make a mistake in your content so that it becomes possible to turn back the clock and load an old version of example. an article.

Install directly from the mains

Now it becomes possible to install the Joomla Extensions Directory with 1-click . It's never been easier to install components , etc..

There is also a commercial version , where you can install components that cost nothing . When installing the component , then you will be taken to the payment part , then gets redirected back after payment.

Install multi- language direct

It will be possible to install multiple language directly during the installation of Joomla.

2-factor login

A new neat feature is that it will be possible to use a 2-factor login, where, for instance . can receive an extra code to a smartphone when you need to login. The improving security at login markedly.

Improved User Experience

Backend more user-friendly , also will look more clean and pleasant to look at.

TinyMCE update

TinyMCE has been updated to version 4.0 - which are both more user-friendly , but also see something nicer .

Improved template manager

If you want to edit your template code , it becomes easier and faster. With your new template manager that allows you to:

  • Change in all files in a template.
  • Copy templates.
  • compile LESS files.
  • Low overrides the modules , components and layouts.
  • Creating new content directories .
  • cutting pictures and change their sizes.
  • Copy, rename files and delete files.
  • Create / upload new files.

Want to know more ?

Are you interested in reading more about some of the changes and improvements coming in Joomla 3.2 - so you can read more here .

Among other than some exciting news for Joomla developers as introducing a number of features that make development easier and faster.

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