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Tomorrow, Team redWEB to the states, specifically Boston, where we will participate in the annual Joomla! World Conference that we have helped to arrange.

Joomla World Conference 2013The event is held at the renowned Harvard University, from 8 to 10 November. There will be settled more than 150 sessions - dealing with everything from web design and ease of use for the future development of Joomla.

We provide a unique dream team consisting of four Danes, an American, a Canadian, a Spaniard and an Indian. We put out a lineup:

Jerri Christiansen

Jerri, our front ends - has helped in the organizing group for JWC.

He is looking forward to meeting all of the co-organizers he has talked to on Skype, the last several months.

In addition, he is looking forward to meeting old and new Joomla people. Additionally, he is excited to see Boston, experience the event and get a single day of sightseeing / shopping.

You can follow Jerri on Twitter: @JerryChr - where he will regularly post updates from JWC.

Mathias Juul Jensen

Mathias, our firm husgrafiker, looking forward to the whole experience it is to visit the United States and participate in the JWC.

The goal of the trip is of course to become wiser. Mathias has designed the program folds and graphic material for JWC - and then he just turned 2 in a competition where they had to design "fan-art" to JWC13.

You can follow Mathias on Twitter: @mathiasjj

Britta Jonasson Stender

Our graphic artist Britta, along with Mathias make updates and edit videos from the event.

She is looking forward to meeting our foreign staff and experience Boston / JWC.

You can follow Britta on Twitter: @BrittaStender.

Ronni Christiansen

Ronni, our director, has helped to arrange JWC. He does not go to the U.S. for a holiday. He must, among other things present two speakers at the conference, where he will touch on topics such as project management, web services, UCM, etc..

If you are interested, you can read more about them here:

Vikings Pillage and Rage through Boston.

Webservices, UCM and Building Enterprise Level Applications in Joomla.

Of course you can also follow Ronni on Twitter, where he is very active: @redwebdk

In addition ...

.. we make with TJ Baker, who is our Product Manager at redCOMPONENT and his Twitter profile, you can follow him @zaridan.

Our developer from India, Gunjan Patel (@ergunjanpatel), has gained a visa and passport at the last minute and also participating.

Alan Langford (@FxNxRL) -our experienced developer and Joomla old rat, the trip from Canada.

Last but not least comes our Spanish developer Javier Gómez (@JAVI_GOMEZ). He will meet the following 3 sessions:

Joomla! UX Roadmap

Joomla! Internationalization Roadmap

Migrating from 1.5 to 2.5 and 3.x using redMIGRATOR

Follow Live

There will be live coverage of the conference. This should be posted on this page before the event starts. You can also follow on this blog, or on our redCOMPONENT blog where we will continuously blogging from the conference.

There will also get updates on our Facebook page.

Of course you can also keep up with our participants' Twitter profiles. If you are interested in the package, which deals only with JWC, so you can search for the hashtag # JWC13.

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