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It is a sad experience to get hacked its website, and you have to spend much time to restore lost data again.

In redWEBs hosting department redHOST we experience daily that websites have been hacked. There is usually a while before you realize that your website is "down" and you have a commercial website , the time both mean lost customers and revenue.

There are a few things you can do to better withstand hacker attacks .

Keep your CMS system updated

Everyday all year round working people to improve Joomla and make it more secure against hacker attacks and good things for the platform, so it is important that you always have updated its CMS system to the latest recommended version . The version that this writing is the recommended version to be updated to Joomla 2.5.8 . It is also crucial that you love her 3 party modules / components updated all the time because the developers of these also constantly closes security holes that occur .

Use a proper code to login

We often see that websites are hacked because the password you use to login is not strong enough . It is extremely important that you follow a few rules that you can read through this link to . Read more about password system update .

Do you have a day many customers / users of your website?

If your website is dependent on the sale or users then you should strongly consider taking out a subscription to one of our security packages.

With a redWEB security package your website's security class. All known security holes and your Joomla installation are reviewed from A - Z. There is installed a number of security tools that rejects all known attack methods and thereby improves the security of your website significantly.

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