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Joomla Day Denmark 2012 is PLATINUM sponsor on JoomlaDay - Innovation in Denmark 2012.
For the third time held JoomlaDay in Denmark. These Joomla events held around the world and has the overall objective to enrich the Joomla user with the latest knowledge in Joomla, and what the future holds within the system.

There are now open for registration for the event , where you can get something out of participating , whether you 're a novice or power user of Joomla. The focus is on that there must be "something" for everyone, and that you come home from the event with a backpack filled with tools , ideas, and new perspectives on one of the world 's most popular open source CMS systems.

The people behind the program provides for two fantastic days in Kolding, which is a lovely town centrally located in Denmark . It provides in addition to participation in the conference an opportunity to experience the exciting sights if you otherwise want to tear yourself away from the exciting presentations, which bid for.

On 26 October is dedicated Business Day, the day started with a review of the overall theme of the conference is digital innovation with Joomla. The president of Open Source Matters , talks about what happens in the OSM right now. Then opened for 4 tracks that will be the guide for what you can choose the presentations and workshops . The green trace is targeted Joomla! Beginners . The orange trail is aimed at the experienced Joomla user and the red trace is the first users of Joomla. The last track is reserved Cases and the blue color. The colors are the same as in Joomla logo and thereby reflects the whole and Joomla Open Source is all about.

By noon you will be able to participate in the presentations that are on each of the 4 tracks. There will be a panel discussion about Joomla common future , and the day ends with a social event with dinner , entertainment and networking possibilities .

On 27 October Is the Community Day , where Brian teeman , one of the founders of Joomla , starting the day " in the red room". Then comes the focus on JUG Joomla User Groups , and there will be a presentation of the workshops that you can attend over dinner. The workshops are divided on the 4 tracks .. From 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 's common end of Joomla Day - Innovation in Denmark 2012

You can sign up and learn more about the speakers, presentations, workshops take, the overall program and see who is sponsoring by following this link: