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On we have implemented our redPRODUCTFINDER is redWEBs product finder component for Joomla websites. Our product finder allows you to manage many different products, such as multiple colors, sizes or customer groups.

Although not clothes to sell in your shop , you get the a good idea of ​​what redPRODUKTFINDER can do for your shop , no matter what products to sell. Ease of use and clarity are what control your customers' purchases in the webshop , which means that the customer will return again and again. In addition, a customer who is experiencing it easy to shop online , have a greater squiggle to recommend the webshop to others with the same needs .

The busy family who once experienced how big the supply is how cheap it is and how easy and simple it is to act on will come back and buy more. The family will also be in the entourage, describe the good experience does have them, and it will generate more customers for online store.

product find

design of an online shop , is important and it is important that the customer is already in the joint from the front are in a buying situation in the same way as when the customer enters into a physical store. Then, it is important that the customer can quickly find the relevant product group , in the same way as the customer goes to the department with pots and pans if that is what the customer has come to find in the hardware store. Customers who act in the shop are often very aware of what they visit the webshop to buy , so it is important that the customer can quickly find it wanted in the right size and color.

redWEBs professional and knowledgeable sales and web designers can advise and describe what redPRODUKTFINDER can do for your shop or why you should choose redWEB to design your new shop where functionality and ease of use are top notch , and where customers want to return to .

In the section below , you can get a quick tour of that can give you ideas for the structure and appearance of your new shop . It still depends on the individual shop how the finished design will be , after a thorough review of the specific needs of your shop . redSHOP is the perfect modular building his shop in , and it's a veltestet solution with more than 20,000 downloads and 8,000 running business.

A quick tour of shows first on the front there 's a sale , and what new products are on the webshop. Moreover, it outlines what options for payment , and that it has awarded the E- mark for safe trade . All of this important information to the customer to decide on the webshop have the proper selection and confidence in the website is there.

At the top of the small print of the headlines that are less important and the customer can look at if they want to put more into the web shop , and for example, find kidzshop.dks Facebook page or blog. Below is the customer's shopping cart and a search box. At the top, next to the logo , the webshop important headlines that quickly get the customer to go to where the requested product group . So the customer selects clothes and get here dropdownbox where the customer can choose the type of product or the brand that you are looking for . If the customer is looking for pants, so they can choose it and are then given the opportunity to choose several types of clothing on the left side , and images from the selected categories are displayed.

Besides the type of customer can also select by brand , gender, size and price. This means that only relevant images according to your wishes , and it gives the customer the experience of the user . This increases the possibility that the customer will return to the webshop again . Nice pictures of products with good picture texts as well as to improve webshop SEO. Top of is stationary on all sides , so if a customer wants to explore the web shop for something interesting , so it is easy to understand.