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Countdown to J And Beyond

For the third year in a row J And Beyond the international Joomla conference returns. For 3 days, from 18 - 20 May 2012 the event brings together Joomla Developers from over 30 countries in Bad Nauheim, Near Frankfurt. redWEB / redCOMPONENT is main sponsor of the whole event, where Joomla followers can share experiences, network and participate in different sessions with different speakers, which generated questions will be discussed. redWEB this time is well represented by a team of 6 people, in addition to having fun, also must repay three presenters who have redITEM, redSHOP and the project for the municipality of Kolding as the focal point.

J and Beyond 2012
On arrival day will Jerri Christiansen and Michael Madsen in the lead with a lay upt redITEM - Feature driven CCK Or why functionality based CCK is the way ahead, describing a small tool with great power, which is at the same time is incredibly user-friendly.
Saturday Ronni Kim Gothard Christiansen will give a presentation on redSHOP - Webshop CCK of the future. He will, in his presentation, describe the many options available when using redSHOP, as well as future plans for redSHOP.

redSHOP is much more than just a shop system. It's a * CCK, where you can control almost every aspect of the shop through configuration and a comprehensive template system that interacts directly with the powerful Joomla templatings mechanism. * (Content creation kit)

Finally, Kim Hansen, Bo Foght & Sune present a Case: The Municipality of Kolding. The presentation is based on one of redWEBs latest projects - Kolding Municipality. They will review the project's three phases: Wireframe / design, implementation and development.